Hungarian Language & Tradition Preserving Youth Group

This year a Hungarian tradition-preserving youth group will be launched within the Triangle Hungarian School, along with the school and preschool groups. This would serve the needs of families who do not wish to attend at a regular school but who would like to preserve their children's Hungarian identity.
Classes would start at 2 pm on days when the Hungarian School operates; at the same time as the preschool starts. Like the Hungarian School, this would require a minimal tuition fee. Volunteers are needed for helping with the activities.
First session on September 8th
Topic: August 20, celebration of the founding of the Hungarian state and King Stephen and the new bread
Activity: Bread kneading and baking, and craft related to the theme
After the session, there will be opportunity to sports games jointly with the pupils of the other study groups.
If you are interested and would like to participate in this new group, please contact Zsuzsa Nagy (, the director of the Hungarian School.